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History of Roman Abramovich

Abramovich is in the position 50 of the Forbes billionaires list, started his life very difficult. His mother died when he was 18 months old and his father died in a construction accident at the age of 4. He was raised by two aunts and lived in many different orphanages in Russia.

He studied at the Industrial Institute before being recruited by the Soviet army. He later earned a correspondence of the Moscow State Law Academy. At the end of the 80 Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev allowed individual ownership of small businesses. The businessman, Abramovich began with 5 companies between 1992 to 1995, all specializing in the oil industry.

Abramovich elected a major industry. With his partner, Boris Berezovsky, became majority owners of Sibneft, an oil company. During the 90 Abramovich also acquired private properties of aluminum and merged with the holdings of Oleg Deripaska to be the second largest producer of aluminum.

In 1999 he entered politics on behalf of the poor region of Chukorta Autonomous Okrug in the State of DURMA. He was elected governor in 2000 and also Chukorta began Pole of Hope charity that sends children to summer camps and sends food aid shipments Chukotkan peoples. . Abramovich has invested hundreds of millions of pounds in Chukotka was built by a university, a hospital, a preschool, hotels, local airport renovation and financing of new or renovated schools in many towns and villages. His company, Sibneft, used Chukotka as a tax haven, but also reinvested much of the tax savings in the district

In September 2005, sold 73% of Sibneft to Gazprom, a company controlled by the Russian government for 13 million pounds. In May 2006, Abramovich has announced plans to buy 54% of the largest steel producers in Russia, Evraz.

Abramovich is a big fan of European football (soccer). In June 2003, bought the Chelsea soccer club in the UK. Abramovich began a plan to make Chelsea a worldwide brand. He has been pouring millions of pounds in the club. Chelsea announced a loss of £ 140 million for the year ending June 2005, but the purchase and subsequent investment in the English club, caused problems in Russia. To remedy the pressure from Russia, Abramovich has invested $ 58 million in CSKA Moscow.

Abramovich is a strong supporter of Jewish causes in Russia and Israel. The neighborhood in Tel Aviv Abramovich has received donations from various projects. Other interests include "Marina Abramovich," which consists of three luxury yachts and is a patron of the arts, including sponsoring an exhibition of photographs from Uzbekistan by Max Penson. Abromovich have purchased homes in the south of France (the former residence of the exiled Duke of Windsor), Estate of 440 acres in West Sussex and a residence in London.

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