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McDonald's History

McDonald's begins with two brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald entrepreneurs, who in 1937 opened the first fast food restaurant in California, then moved in 1948 to San Bernardino, California (USA). with a man named Speedee burger as a logo and including a limited menu and high turnover that characterized the success of the new restaurant.

In 1954, Ray Kroc, a provider shake machine, surprised by the magnitude of the order of teams of multi-mixers "request, visited the site of the McDonald brothers and invited them to open more stores. A year later, the McDonald brothers Kroc was granted exclusive rights to the marketing and operation of the McDonald's business.

Thus, the April 15, 1955 was opened in Des Plaines, Illinois (USA) the first local McDonald's Corporation. and in July, the second in Fresno, California. Total company sales of $ 193 000 772. In 1956 ', add 12 restaurants in 1957, is 40.
Since that time, Kroc made McDonald's the largest quick-service organization in the world basing its success on the system operating philosophy McDonald's: Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value.

In 1960, Ronald McDonald is born marked by Willard Scott survived on local television with his character Bozo the Clown, a source of inspiration for Krusty the Clown on "The Simpsons." According says Scott in his biography "The Joy of Living", Bozo was one of the most beloved of American children at the time, Thus, McDonald's contacted Scott to Bozo were allowed to see by opening the first restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia, just three years later, in 1963, the Bozo show had been canceled and McDonald's Scott asked another character was invented entirely new to cover the gap. "So I sat down and created Ronald McDonald's," says the father of the child in his book.

In 1961 Ray Kroc buys the shares of the McDonald brothers for $ 2.7 million. It also opens the Hamburger University in the basement of a restaurant in Illinois and there is the golden arches logo.

In 1965 the chain celebrates its tenth anniversary with the first IPO to $ 22.5 each. In 1966, McDonald's is recorded in the Stock Exchange in New York with the ticker symbol MCD.

In 1967 the chain opened its first branch outside the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, in 1990 opened the first McDonald's in Moscow, a symbol of new times.

McDonald's is a company that changed the way we do business in the world. It is a brand based on the philosophy of Ray Kroc, who drove the business and had the vision to build a large family of men and women who work around the world to serve the customer, offering a top quality food quickly in a clean, safe and friendly and kind attention.

In 2000, McDonald's has three new brands: Donatos (pizza chain), Chipotle Mexican Grill (Mexican food for more affluent consumers) and Boston Market (a chain of chicken). According to Dennis Lombardi, director of the firm, "are positioning themselves to be much more flexible and responsive to market opportunities."

McDonald's is the largest network of local fast food in the world with significant potential for growth: 45 million people in the world's population eat per day in one of the 27,000 local McDonald's distributed in 120 countries across 5 continents.

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